February, 2022 — The Climate Smart Task Force working through the NYS Clean Energy Communities Program secured a $5000 grant to purchase energy efficient appliances and LED light fixtures for the Greco Senior Center kitchen.

December, 2021 — The Town received a $269,688 grant towards the purchase of a highly energy efficient Ice Arena chiller.

September, 2021 — Most residents of the Town of Saugerties are now receiving 100% renewable energy, at competitive rates, from the Town's CCA. Learn about CCA


The Climate Crisis is at a critical stage. Urgent action is needed.

Our planet is experiencing more intense heat, bigger storms, longer droughts, increased flooding, raging wildfires, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels. And yes, man-made greenhouse gases are causing our climate to change.

That's why the Saugerties Town Board took these actions:

By working together — Town government, residents, and business owners — we can reduce greenhouse gas emmissions while building our local economy, and be part of the solution to the climate crisis. Here are some suggestions:

What You Can Do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
What You Can Do
What Saugerties Businesses Can Do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
What Businesses Can Do
What The Town of Saugerties is doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
What Saugerties Is Doing

Upcoming Events

Candidates for New 19th District to Give Views on Climate and Energy Policy
Candidates for New 19th District to Give Views on Climate and Energy Policy in an online forum Friday, August 12, 7-8pm
Monthly Saugerties Climate Smart Task Force Meeting
Our meetings are open to the public. This meeting will be conducted via online video conference.
Pervasive Plastic
Learn ways to reduce plastic in your life and encourage regulation at local, state and national levels.

The Climate Crisis is an issue that cannot — and must not — be dismissed, avoided, or put on the back burner hoping that the federal government or some other entity will fix the problem for us.

There is an immediacy to this threat that requires all of us to be proactive and take responsibility for our little corner of the world as we work to further reduce our municipal greenhouse gas emissions and develop additional mitigation policies to address current and future impacts.

Our town's Climate Smart Saugerties task force is a perfect example of how volunteer efforts are bringing us closer to an energy sustainable future. The work of the task force couldn't be more important.”

Fred Costello Jr, Supervisor, Town of Saugerties NY