The Climate Smart Saugerties Task Force

In 2009 the Town of Saugerties, NY, the first town in Ulster County to do so, took the pledge and was designated as a Climate Smart Community by the State of New York. In March 2018 the Saugerties Town Board appointed the Conservation Advisory Commission to serve as a task force to take the next step — to assist the town in achieving Climate Smart Community Certification.

Town Supervisor Fred Costello examines Saugerties map identifying places vulnerable to climate change at a Resiliency Workshop held on September 2019 at the Greco Senior Center in Saugerties.
What does that mean? The goal of the Climate Smart Community program is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reduce energy use, adapt to climate change, protect the health of the planet, and achieve cost savings in the process.

Among the actions the Saugerties task force will take are:

As a certified Climate Smart Community, the Town of Saugerties will be recognized as a leader in the effort to combat climate change, and will be better positioned to obtain funding for implementing future climate smart actions.

Our Mission

The mission of the Climate Smart Saugerties Task Force is to engage the community in addressing the climate crisis by identifying, promoting and implementing climate smart actions, by developing strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and by creating a Climate Action Plan to guide future decisions.

Task Force Members

The task force has included many Saugerties residents over the years. The current membership is:
Mary O'Donnell, Coordinator
Skip Arthur
Carole Furman
Ken Goldberg
Mike Harkavay
Robert Irizarry
Nicole Roskos
Elizabeth Shafer
Leslie Surprenan
Mary Ann Wrolsen
Councilman Zach Horton
James (Spider) Barbour (Honorary Member)

We Meet

At 5:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month using online video conference. Check our calendar to get the information needed to join a meeting.